9-12 Programs

The NCIC is offering different programs for 9th-12th graders. These programs are focusing on the following objective goals:

  1. Academic success
  2. Cultural awareness 
  3. Engagement 
  4. Leadership Development 
  5. College and Career Exploration

NCIC programs: 

Youth Making Changes, 507-Dynamic, Fusion, Circle and Youth Drama Corps 

QUESTION? Please, call the office: 5073763300

Youth Making Changes (YMC)


3:15-4:45 / Room 126

Questions?  Owar Ojha Ojulu  & Jessica @ 376-3328

“Determined to bring youth together one step at a time.”

Mission statement
We are a group of motivated teenagers who are striving to make a change in our community. Our goals are to unify teens by creating a safe, nonjudgmental environment in and out of the classroom. We plan to create and promote inclusiveness by keeping teenagers informed, active and engaged.

Our Goals
To express ourselves and let our voices be heard positively
Get teens involved in positive ways
Create a safe environment for youth to be informed, active and engaged
Make a positive change in our community
Address issues that affect youth in our community
Get more adults involved and help them understand that youth can be positive leaders in the community


Dynamic 507


3:15-4:45 / Room 126

Questions?  Call Owar & Jessica @ 376-3328


To inspire youth from all cultures to come together to experience empowerment and dynamic leadership.


• Build leadership through service
• learning/volunteerism
• Foster a positive image of youth
• Celebrate cultural self-identity
• Explore future possibilities



3:00-4:30 / Room 126

Questions?  Call  MayLary  376-3300

Fusion is a group for refugee and immigrant students who attend Worthington High School.  These students meet weekly.  Fusion means to blend or integrate.  These students work to blend and integrate their cultural heritage with their new American culture.  Their activities relate to academic success, cultural competence, leadership development, service-learning and college and career preparation.

CIRCLE Mentoring

CIRCLE is a summer day camp and mentor program that serves elementary aged youth in the Nobles County area. Circle Mentors are high school students in 11th and 12th grade. Mentors are required to attend CIRCLE training and attend CIRCLE Camp. Throughout the school year mentors are expected to maintain the friendships they developed during camp with there men-tee.

Question? Please, call Owar  and Jessica 5073763328

9th-grade Respect Retreat

NCIC sponsors a 9th Grade retreat each year.  Ninth-grade students participate in a Respect Retreat.  The retreat is facilitated by Youth Frontiers and high school students from each NCIC member school district assist throughout the retreat.  The date for the 9th-grade Respect Retreat are March 20th, 2014.

YDC (Youth Drama Corps)




4:30-6:00 Room 126

Questions? Call Erin at 507-372-1245

YDC (Youth Drama Corps) meets every Tuesday from 4:30-6:00 in room 126.   During weekly rehearsals, students will work together to write and rehearse skits that focus on teen-related content.  Students will then perform these skits for community organizations and other high school students at schools in Nobles County.