Construction Progress of the ALC and Gymnastics Building

The construction of the Area Learning Center and Gymnastics building is continuing into late spring and summer with no major structural or site related issues. This construction project is behind schedule due to weather delays resulting from an exceptionally snowy and wet winter and spring. Weather related delays would have been expected in any construction project considering the weather our area has experienced. The timeline for completion of construction of the facility was originally set for March 1st and has been adjusted to August 1st due to these frequent delays.

The budget for this construction project remains on track and has suffered no major, unforeseen costs. The contingency fund established for the construction within this budget has been minimally utilized, with less than 15% needing to be used to date. Two change orders to construction that may utilize this portion of the budget are currently being processed, but are not estimated to come near depleting this contingency fund.

Independent School District 518 is excited to begin use of the newly constructed facility on August 1st to prepare for the first day of school for ALC students later this fall. The Area Learning Center has long deserved a dedicated space to continue serving students. This new facility will provide the environment needed for students and staff to excel and continue to show the excellence in education that is promised by ISD 518.

The gymnastics portion of the facility is scheduled be available for use in the 2019-2020 gymnastics season pending the receipt of a certificate of occupancy. Gymnasts from ISD 518 had an outstanding 2018-2019 season in which they worked their way to compete in the state tournament as a team. In addition to the team competition, six gymnasts from ISD 518 competed in the individual state tournament.