About Our Teachers

Ms. Taber

Although I was born and raised in Windom, Minnesota, I've spent the last 6 years of my life split between playing collegiate soccer and earning my B.A. in special education (k-12) and English (5-9) from Asbury University in Kentucky and teaching Middle School English in Singapore.

I love teaching because of the balance it possesses between professionalism and the great opportunity it lends to really do life with others - to be vulnerable and humble, understanding that we are never done learning.

Outside of the classroom I'm an exercise and food junkie. I enjoy bike rides, soccer, basketball, and yoga. Almost immediately before or after those activities I like pizza, carbs everything, fruit, Brussels sprouts, lattes, sweet tea, chocolate, mints, jelly beans, almonds .... You get the idea. I also play and listen to a lot of music. Sometimes you can hear my voice long before you can see me. More than anything else in life, I enjoy good laughter and love that comes from living a very rich life.