Arrest Made in Relation to Threats Made Against the District

An arrest has been made in connection with the threat to ISD 518 that was reported last night, Wednesday, September 18th. According to a release from the Worthington Police Department, there is no further threat to the public. School functions will continue as normal with raised security remaining in place.

If your student is not in class today, please contact your student’s building. ISD 518 is always working to ensure the safety of all of our students. Part of this process is being able to account for every student, present and absent, who are normally in our facilities. This is standard procedure for ISD 518 for every school day. Due to the increased amount of absences, it has been difficult to account for all students. It is important to let your student’s building know if they will not be attending classes.

ISD 518 would like to express its sincere gratitude for the assistance and hard work of the local authorities. It was with their guidance and support that the school district was able to make informed, safe decisions for our staff, students, and community. It is due to the dedication the officers from the Worthington Police Department exhibited that the situation was resolved in a timely and safe manner. ISD 518 encourages our staff, students, and community members to thank the Worthington Police Department for their rapid response and hard work concerning this situation.

 Another factor that lead to the timely resolution of this issue was the rapid reporting by our community members. Thank you to our community who reported this event. Please continue to report any suspicious activity to the authorities. The earlier suspicious activity is reported, the sooner actions can to be taken to ensure the safety of all involved.