e-Learning for Prairie Elementary Students

e-Learning days for Prairie Elementary students will not require district devices (iPads) or internet access. All Prairie Elementary students have a green pocket folder housed in each student’s backpack. In the folder, teachers have placed a learning packet with specific directions to be completed in the event of an e-Learning day. Activities such as reading, playing games, and creating objects with items from home may be on these activity sheets. Teachers will also upload these tasks to the digital platform SeeSaw.

Students are expected to complete these activities during the e-Learning day. Once the activities are completed, a parent or guardian will be required to sign the activities sheet. This sheet should be sent back to class with the student on the following school day. The signature on the sheet will confirm that the Prairie Elementary student took part in the e-Learning day activities.

In preparation for possible e-Learning days, teachers will be working with their students on the types of learning experiences and activities that may be assigned on an e-Learning day. This preparation in normal class time will help set the expectation for students who may be asked to work on these activities at home on days when weather prevents them coming to school.

On the e-learning day, teachers will be available for contact via email or over the phone during normal school day hours, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Contact information and the process for contacting your child’s teachers can be found in the green pocket folder, in the left hand pocket. District families should feel free to contact their student’s teacher any questions about the e-Learning day activities.

If you have additional questions or concerns relating to e-Learning day policies and procedures at the kindergarten through 4th grade level, please contact Prairie Elementary administration. You can reach the Prairie Elementary office by calling 507-727-1250 or emailing prairie@isd518.net.