Family & Consumer Science (FACS)

 “Today is a great day to learn something new!”

Family and Consumer Science at Worthington High School offers an exciting combination of ten different types and levels of courses. Students who enroll in the classes learn vocational information that will help them become stronger individuals as they learn more about their personal life, focus on a healthy family, and prepare for a successful career. The courses include:

  • Child’s World and Advanced Child Development involving two levels of child study working with mechanical babies and discussing parenting, preparing for a real preschool by being the “teachers”, and with the knowledge of child psychology they observe children with a new understanding.
  • Independent Living class revolves around the many financial decisions they will be making in the future and learning to budget for their goals.
  • There is a three level Foods program with Food Exploration, Foods and Nutrition, and Cultures and Cuisine. Food Science and Fitness contains information on a healthy diet, sports nutrition, nutritional issues leading to a change in diet and food science experiments and development.
  • Teen Issues is a discussion based class on the many choices teens have today.
  • The textile classes are Creative Sewing and Constructive Clothing Design.