Financial Aid Timeline for Seniors

Financial Aid Timeline for Seniors

Request applications and information from colleges.Visit campuses Look into weekend/overnight visitation programs to the colleges of your choice.

Contact your school counselor and mark upcoming admissions representatives’ visits. If you haven't take the ACT or SAT yet - Register for the ACT or SAT; or find a date that works best for you. If you are taking the ACT or SAT begin to study for the ACT or SAT.

Mark your calendar for application deadlines for scholarships and admissions. Begin working on your essays for your applications and have at least 2 adults proof read. Ask for letters of recommendation that you can keep on file and use for all of your applications. Remember to send a thank you note to the people that write recommendations for you!

Complete your final copies of your scholarship essays. Continue to check for possible scholarships. If you are considering early decision, submit your application.

Complete, photocopy and submit college and scholarship applications. Register for your PIN to complete your FAFSA. Check for other financial aid forms that may be required by your college or university. January
Complete your FAFSA online, as early as possible, make sure to print a copy for your records. Continue to check for scholarships.

Contact your college’s financial aid office to make sure you have all documents submitted.

Ask your high school counselor about Advanced Placement exams that are offered for college credit and about the cost of the exams. Contact the registrar’s office at the college or school you plan to attend to find out what score is necessary to receive the college credit. If you will be taking an AP exam start studying now and mark the test dates on your calendar. Watch for the Student Aid Report – this summarizes your financial aid.

Compare your financial aid awards to cost of your college or university. Submit enrollment and housing deposits according to your college or university deadline. Sign and return financial aid forms.

Sign-up for orientation.Take your AP exams.Request to have your final transcripts sent to your college or university.

Check with your college’s financial aid office to check the status of your financial aid.

Check your move in date.
Get in touch with your roommate and coordinate what each of you has to contribute to the room.

Good luck at school!