Two Terms                                                                   Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite:  Students must be on an IEP and recommended by a Special Ed Teacher


This class is designed to help students develop more independence in everyday life skills that they will encounter throughout their lifetime.  Skills that can be addressed in this class include: planning, shopping, and preparing food items;  healthy eating habits; comparison shopping to become better consumers; learning about safety in the home environment; laundry and cleaning skills, social, and communication skills; and developing leisure activities.  Functional math will coincide with this curriculum using hands-on learning that includes money skills; integrating the four math operations into everyday math usage including decimals, percents and fractions.  Functional Reading will coincide using materials that are used every day such as; reading labels, box directions, menus and recipes, and schedules.  This class is presented in small group settings or on an individual basis depending on need.  Students practice good consumer habits in a store environment.  Community outings are planned as part of the curriculum to enhance communication and social skills.