A Quick History of WMS

Worthington Middle School was originally built in 1981 as Worthington Junior High School, housing grades 7-9. As education, technology, and enrollment have changed, so has the school. Classrooms were converted to computer labs, smaller classrooms became special education classrooms and as our population has become more diverse, we have had to create English Learner classrooms.

As our student enrollment has continued to grow, our facilities have had to change to keep up. In 2001, a reconfiguration took place. Prairie Elementary opened for grades PreK-5, six classrooms were added to this building and additions were put on WHS. With the added classrooms, this building became Worthington Middle School, housing grades 6-8, and the ninth graders moved to WHS.

Enrollment continued to grow, Worthington has had an influx of young families with small children. In 2010, the fifth grade was moved into a new addition of ten classrooms and some office space at WMS to take the pressure off Prairie Elementary. In 2013, WMS was the first building in the district to purchase iPads for all of our students. As teachers have learned how to incorporate these learning devices, and the technology and Wi-Fi have continued to improve, we were able to convert two of our computer labs into classrooms. Over time, six areas of the building that were used for storage are now classrooms or offices.

And, we continue to grow and make changes. We are limited by the number of classrooms in the building, so our class sizes have continued to increase. We have been able to add staff in our EL and Special Ed departments only because we have found ways to share classrooms, put teachers on carts, put up room dividers, and changed our schedule. We even found a way to add Science and Math teacher positions to help ease the class sizes in grades 6, 7, and 8.

Our outdoor spaces have required changes too. When we were just grades 6-8; a few basketball hoops, 4-squares, and football and soccer fields were sufficient. It is important to have a variety of activities spread out across the play fields to keep the students occupied. So, when we got the fifth graders, we also added some playground equipment, a swing set, increased the blacktop area and added new basketball hoops. After a few years of growing numbers, we added two more basketball hoops and another set of swings.

The future continues to be defined as we continue to increase class sizes, we are sharing classrooms and have more teachers on carts, but the quality of the spaces is beginning to affect the quality of education that can be offered to students.

Stop in and see what we’ve done anytime.

Jeff Luke, WMS Principal