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Professional Learning 

On this page you will find information about Professional Learning opportunities. Here you will find information to various opportunities. We have also included information on resources and webinars for staff to meet re-licensure requirements.

If you have specific questions about Continuing Education, please visit hereThe page has links to all the information you need, including the forms that need to be completed and information about about the Continuing-Ed Committee.

Professional Learning Resources

Re-Licensure Requirements

The are all offered through Infinitec. The district has a subscription to this service. Teachers can view webinars and complete a quiz at the end and receive a certificate of completion at the end.  This can serve as your documentation  for re-licensure. There are over 600 video presentations. You will need to register by clicking hereFill out the information and click save.  It could take up to 24 to set up your account. 

Professional Organizations