Records/Transcript Request

Past graduates of WHS may obtain copies of their transcript as well as immunization and attendance records through a written request.  This service is provided without charge to former graduates.  The request must have:

·         your name as it appeared on your school records

·         your date of birth

·         the year you graduated or attendance dates

·         and, must have your handwritten signature

Official copies will be mailed directly by WHS to the college/university, agency, program, etc. as designated by you.  You must provide the complete address of where the information is to be mailed.  Most colleges/universities have “transcript request” forms that you may use.

Your records are a valuable part of your identity, and WHS staff  follows strict guidelines regarding the release of this information.    Once you have graduated, you are the only one who has access to this information.  You may contact the Records Department by mail at Worthington High School, 1211 Clary Street, Worthington MN 56187.  If you have additional questions, please contact Student Services at 507-727-1133.

Transcript Request