Facilities Bond Referendum 2016

Referendum Update July, 2016
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The information above is from the 2016 Bond Referendum.

ALC-Gymnastics Building

School Options

High School
Middle School
PreK - 4 Building
High School Expansion
Middle School Expansion
PreK - 4th Grade School Expansion

New High School

New High School programming with 75% of the rooms used at all times

History of Worthington Schools

The Worthington Daily Globe published an article by Ray Crippen on March 25, 2014. For 35 years at the Worthington Daily Globe, Ray Crippen directed the news and wrote about Worthington. Crippen was more than an editor and columnist or chronicler of events. He served as Worthington’s unofficial memory, its flesh-and-blood archive of life in a southwestern Minnesota town the way it once was.

Click on the link to read Crippen's history of Worthington Schools

History of Worthington Schools

1964 Referendum Information

District 518 successfully passed a referendum in 1964 when there were similar needs.