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Message from School Board Chair

Worthington schools are still full; different solution is proposed

By Lori Dudley

As you may have read, the Worthington School Board will again ask voters to consider a referendum to address overcrowding in our schools. The vote will be on February 13 next year. We are so thankful for the many hours of study put into this new proposal by many community members, as well as school district staff. My colleagues on the board and I hope you will very carefully consider the facts around this proposal.

Enrollment continues to grow

Worthington Public Schools continues to have an enrollment problem, and that is a good problem to have. Our enrollment continues to grow according to our projections. While many school districts in greater Minnesota are cutting programs for students because of declining enrollment, we’re able to maintain and offer more programming to meet the challenges of educating all our learners as our enrollment climbs.

As of Oct. 1, our enrollment was 3,209. In 2015, we hired an enrollment specialist to do a demographic enrollment report. That report projected enrollment for 2017-2018 of 3,180 to 3,218.

I think many of our community members agree that we have a significant overcrowding problem in our schools from pre-K through twelfth grade that continues to grow and must be addressed soon.

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