Trojan Learning Academy

The Trojan Learning Academy is located at the Worthington Area Learning Center West Campus. This academy is a technology based learning center designed to provide an alternative educational program that is supportive and goal oriented. Students have the opportunity to make academic progress consistent with individual achievement levels in an environment that is safe and caring. Success for students in academic, social and life goals will involve family, school and community support.

Trojan Learning Academy Information

* Individual student's needs vary greatly
* Students have different learning styles
* Some students need flexible scheduling
* Students need to learn to make choices for themselves
* Learning is life-long
* Instruction needs to be individualized
* Time is a resource we provide
* Staff/student relations are pivotal to (student) success
* Personal/family issues may be barriers to learning
Students need to qualify under learner eligibility for state designated area learning centers and alternative programs.
Students must be 16 years old and referred to the program by Administration or school counselor.
Priority for acceptance to the program is based on the following categories:
1. Expelled Students (Homebound)
2. Students in transition from treatment/hospital
3. Homebound Students
4. Students dropped from ALC day programs
5. Credit deficient students as approved by ALC/WHS Administration
6. Credit deficient students at surrounding districts (note: students would be referred by surrounding districts).
Students must agree to:
* Make progress in Plato curriculum or seat based curriculum work that is assigned.
* Respect themselves, others and resources around them.
* Think and express their thoughts
* Set goals
* Cooperate and resolve differences
*Log in and participate on a daily/weekly basis.
*Work hard to complete their .25 or .50 credit within the term time frame (an extension may be requested if you have been active throughout the term).
* Lead a healthy life style.
* Students taking a course through Independent Study are required to meet the state
requirement of20% contact attendance time unless director makes a determination due to meeting students individual needs.D.
This Trojan Learning Academy will be open from 8:05 a.m.- 2:47 p.m. (Monday – Friday) and from 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (Monday-Thursday).
The District 518 Worthington Area Learning Center operates the Trojan Learning academy program to provide a smaller instruction environment during the day. Students may be referred to the Trojan Learning Academy to work on seat-based or web based Plato curriculum.
As an alternative program for a Trojan Learning Academy student, the length of stay will be based on individual credit needs. Requirements to remain an alternative student include demonstrating a positive attitude, and progressing at individual achievement level.
PLATO Learning Curriculum
MATH - Content Titles
Math Expeditions E – I
Foundational Math
Math Problem Solving
Algebra I, Part I
Algebra I, Part II
Geometry I
Geometry II
Algebra II, Part I
Algebra II, Part II
Consumer Mathematics
Trigonometry Skills
Miscellaneous Math Resources
MATH Courses
PLATO Course Pre-Algebra A/B
PLATO Course Algebra I A/B
PLATO Course Algebra IIA/B
PLATO Course Geometry A/B
PLATO Course Consumer Math
PLATO Course Advanced Calculus A/B
LANGUAGE ARTS - Content Titles
Reading Explorations F-G
Essential Reading Skills
Fundamental Reading Strategies
Intermediate Reading Strategies
Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
Essential Writing Process/Practice
Fundamental Writing Process/Practice
Advance Reading Strategies
Intermediate Writing Process/Practice
Advance Writing Process/Practice
Informational Reading
Workplace Writing
Communication Skills
Miscellaneous Language Arts Resources
PLATO Course English 7A/B
PLATO Course English 8A/B
PLATO Course English 9A/B
PLATO Course English 10A/B
PLATO Course English 11A/B
PLATO Course English 12A/B
PLATO Course Advanced English Literature A/B
SCIENCE - Content Titles
Earth and Space Science
Life Science
Physical Science
Technology Fundamentals
PLATO Course Life Science A/B
PLATO Course Physical Science A/B
PLATO Course Biology A/B
PLATO Course Chemistry A/B
PLATO Course Advanced Biology A/B
SOCIAL STUDIES - Content Titles
Basic American History I
Basic American History II
African Global Studies
Latin American Global Studies
East Asia Global Studies
Middle East Global Studies
South and Southeast Asia Global Studies
World History I
World History II
World History III
World History IV
American History I
American History II
European History I
European History II
US Government
PLATO Course Basic Am History IA/B
PLATO Course Basic Am History IIA/B
PLATO Course Civics A/B
PLATO Course Geography A/B
PLATO Course American History IA/B
PLATO Course American History IIA/B
PLATO Course US Government A/B
PLATO Course Economics A/B
PLATO Course World History A/B
Art History and Appreciation
Computer Applications and Technology
Business Basics
Basic Skills for the Real World
Job Skills for the Real World
Data Skills for Today
PLATO Course Art History/Appreciation
PLATO Course Computer Applications/Technology