Advanced Computer Applications

One Term       Grades 10,11,12       Elective
 Prerequisite: Introduction to Computer Application

This course is designed so that students will master the features of various programs and gadgets used in today’s business world.

Popular business programs will be used such as: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher), Adobe CS3, Internet Explorer, and iPad Applications. Students will gain “hands on” experience with the latest technology gadgets (iPad). Basic computer technology is emphasized to enable the student to make wise choices when purchasing his/her own computer.  

Online Textbook

Visit the web page and ask your teacher for your code to access the online textbook required for this class.


Visit the web page to take the textbook online quizzes.  Click on Online Quizzes and take the quiz first as a practice quiz and then as a reported quiz.  Students will need to fill in three required fields to take a reported quiz.  The required items need to be filled in correctly for a grade and they are:  student's name, student's email address, and instructor's email address.  The instructor's email is  If a student does not have an email address they will then use the instructor's email twice. 


Keyboarding lessons can be found at 


Keyboarding accuracy lessons can be found at