Foods and Nutrition

One Term                    Grades 10, 11, 12                    Elective

Develop the confidence and skills of a professional chef by preparing a variety of foods from the different food groups. Choose a food to explore the nutritional content and the impact it has on their wellbeing. Discover current trends in food and nutrition. You will work with other students and prepare a restaurant quality meal for a guest. Required course before Cultures and Cuisine 

Food Research Project


For this class you are to research a food and find the vitamins that are in that food and make a claim why you should eat that food based on your findings. Information to get your project started can be found in books an on the internet. From the list provided each are to choose a different food. The class will spend one day in the computer lab so you can locate some unique facts and myths about your food. Your report must be completed and ready to present on the designated day. It will drop one grade point if it is not ready. This project is 25% of your final grade, so do a nice job!

Things that must be on the report, but not limited to:
Your name___________________________________
Food you are researching _______________________
Health Claims backed by vitamins _________________________________

Introduction – You may find unique facts or myths about your food to start your topic.

How do the vitamins and minerals found in the food support the health claim?
-Match them up and state what the vitamins or minerals will do for you

Where is the food grown, how is it grown, and how is it harvested?
-be concise – location, method, equipment….

How long can the food be stored, how is it stored, does the food lose nutrients in shipment?

How is the food marketed and sold? Canned, Candied, Dried, Fresh……

What is the local price of the food? Shop or call and get the price in Worthington

Find three recipes from different sources (documented). The three recipes must be in different courses of the meal. (appetizer, salad, maindish, sidedish, dessert, snack). (Cut and Paste into report. Be sure to list source)

Include a sheet on work cited. At least 5 different sources must be used and correctly documented using the handout as a resource.

Separate the information into sections for your report. The report should be neatly typed (or printed if you have computer problems). Make it interesting, present the facts in your own words. All of your completed information should be turned in with a report folder or stapled.

Conclusion – sum it all up and ask the class a question from your report.

VISUAL – you are also expected to use some type of visual to present the information. A poster to “advertise” your food, a video interview, display, demonstration preparing food…

REPORT- The report needs and introduction and a conclusion along with the body of information.
*The recipes must be completely written out and in a ready to use form. You can cut and paste the recipes.
**You are expected to read your report in front of class. You will also be ask the class at least one question relating to your report and answer their questions in the best possible way.


_____ cover sheet– title, picture, name, class

_____ introduction

_____vitamins and minerals listed

_____health claim stated and supported

_____where food is grown and how it is harvested

_____storage information

______marketed product

______ local price

_____ conclusion

_____ three different course recipes

_____work sited 5 sources

_____report includes all information
__divided into sections
__stapled or bound
***___ if you used a power point, it should be printed in handout form (6 slides to a
page, to hand in with your information.

_____VISUAL – advertises what you learned about your food (15 points of grade)
__name of food
__easy to read

__clear voice
__question for class

_____extra credit??? If you make a food (not the demonstrated food) and allow the class
to taste it.

**late points docked (5 for each day late) (www.epicurious.comarticles and guides, seasonal cooking, farm to table, visual guides asian produce)