Video Production


Learn to create movies with the following software:

Windows DVD Maker - WHS Sports Film

iMovie - Book Review - Encourage Reading to Middle School Students

Windows Movie Maker - One Second a Day Project

-Unique Sports

Adobe Premeire - Graduation Video

Homework for the Week of October 21 - 25

  • QR Code Creator
  • QR Code Reader
  • Photoshop - Backgrounds, Text, FX effects, Layering, Magic Wand, Move Tool, Resize, Moving Layers, Color, Deleting Layers, Saving
  • Windows DVD Maker - Understand the working area, adding pictures, titles from Photoshop, music, editing the menu, working with the transition effect. Saving the project and burning to a DVD.
  • Students will create a movie of a Sport at WHS.

Homework for the Week of October 28 - November 1

  • Windows Movie Maker - Movie Maker is an easy-to-use video editing program that allows students to create and edit video.   Students will understand how to create a project, open a project, save a project, and capture video from a digital video camera, undo/redo a command, cut, copy, paste, edit title, select all, and clear timeline, view storyboard, view timeline, view status bar, view tasks, view collections, and zoom in and out, add titles and credits, effects, transitions, narrate timeline, and adjust audio levels, add clip to timeline, trim clip, split clip, combine clips, nudge clips right or left, play clip, play timeline, rewind timeline, previous frame, next frame.
  • Students will create Multiple One Second Video on Their Life
  • Students will create a Unique Sport Video

Homework for the Week of November 4 - November 8