Worthington ISD 518 COVID-19 Dashboard

The Worthington Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard, which tracks various data to help inform operation decisions, is also made available to the community on a weekly basis. While offering general health status, ISD 518 remains committed to protecting the privacy of individual student, faculty and staff information. All close contacts at school are notified directly by the school. Positive cases are no longer active after a 10-day isolation period per guidance from the Center of Disease Control and MN Department of Health.

Updated 11/25/2020

Students / Estudiantes

Total Students /
Total de Est
Total Confirmed Student Cases /
Total de Casos Confirmados de Estudiantes
Current Quarantine Student Cases / Casos actuales de estudiantes en cuarentenaCurrent Active Cases / Casos activos actualesPercentage of Students with Active Cases / Porcentaje de estudiantes con casos activo

Staff / Personal

Total Staff /
Total de Personal
Total Confirmed Staff Cases / Total de Casos Confirmados del PersonalCurrent Quarantine Staff Cases / Casos actuales de empleados en cuarentenaCurrent Active Cases / Casos Activos ActualesPercentage of Staff with Active Cases /
Porcentaje de Casos Activos del Personal

Links to help Parents with decisions on student health and attendanceEnlaces para ayudar a los padres con las decisiones en cuanto a la salud y asistencia a clase del estudiante.
COVID-19 Symptoms Home Screening Tool

COVID-19 Decision Tree for schools

COVID-19 Attendance Guide for Parents and Families
Examen para detectar en casa el COVID-19.

Estructura de toma de decisiones de las escuelas en cuanto a COVID.

Instrucciones de asistencia a clases relacionadas al COVID para los padres de familias.

Learning PlansDistance Learning Information
Return to Education Plan

Plan de Educacion a Distancia del Distrito Escolar Independiente 518

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Worthington Middle School

Worthington High School

Learning Center
Free WiFi Hotspots

Meal Service

Servicio de alimentación

Virtual Calming Room

For more District 518 COVID-19 Information

CDC COVID-19 Information

Resources from the State of Minnesota

MN Dept. of Health

MN Dept. of Education