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Character Strong

District 518 is excited to be utilizing CharacterStrong district wide this year to enhance students social and emotional learning moving forward.  Character Strong is a Kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum that creates a place where students feel like they belong and learn skills that will help them be the best they can be! CharacterStrong has three main goals for students: Be Kind, Be Strong, and Be Well. The kindergarten through fifth grade curriculum is titled Purposeful People and focus on ten skills, such as kindness, respect, and empathy.  The sixth through twelfth grade curriculum is titled CharacterStrong and focuses on engagement, belonging, and student well-being. We will be utilizing this curriculum in various ways throughout each building and look forward to helping build well rounded students as we prepare them to be successful citizens in the future.

We need your help. Recently, district staff have seen an increased number of reports from students regarding inappropriate/harmful/hurtful social media (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat) accounts. It appears that multiple accounts have been created by our students to publicly shame others, disclose embarrassing information and spread rumors.  In some instances pictures have been taken of students without their permission and posted on these accounts.  

Staff have reported many sites to Instagram over the past few days and asked for them to be taken down. Some of the sites only have a few followers, but some have many students viewing and posting content.  As we get one site taken down, others appear. So, here is where we need parents help to bring this to an end.  

What can parents do to help? 

  • Let your child/ren know they can always come to you to talk about what they are experiencing online. 
  • Have conversations with your child/ren about their social media usage. Check their phones and their social media usage. 
  • Remind your child/ren that what they post on social media never really goes away.  Sites can be shut down or images removed, but people’s lives and feelings can forever be affected and harmed.  
  • Encourage your child/ren to report any inappropriate accounts to Instagram and have them block the account on their social media.  
  • Teach your child/ren that if they wouldn’t say out loud to you what they post online, they shouldn’t be posting it.  

And to our District 518 students – you are better than this. You also have a role to help solve this problem. Stand up for those that are being bullied. Report these accounts yourself to Instagram, or even better yet don’t be a follower of these accounts. You can always unsubscribe from following an account and we would suggest this would be a great option. Words can hurt for a lifetime. We are above all of this and we should spend our time doing better things for our fellow classmates.

Necesitamos su ayuda.  Últimamente, el personal del distrito ha notado un aumento de reportes, por parte de los estudiantes, respecto a las cuentas inapropiadas/dañinas/hirientes en el sitio de Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat.  Al parecer, se han creado varias cuentas en Instagram para avergonzar públicamente a otras personas, develar información bochornosa, e iniciar rumores.  En algunos casos, se han tomado fotos de algunos estudiantes, sin su permiso, y las han publicado en dichas cuentas.

Nuestro personal ha reportado varias cuentas al sitio de Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, durante estos días, pidiendo que sean canceladas.  Algunos de estos sitios tienen, únicamente, unos cuantos seguidores, pero algunos, tienen muchos estudiantes viendo el contenido y publicando comentarios.  Conforme logramos cancelar una cuenta, aparece una nueva.  De modo que, como padres, les pedimos que nos ayuden a terminar con este problema.

¿Qué pueden hacer los padres para ayudar?

  • Explique a sus hijos que siempre pueden contarle a usted cualquier cosa que les suceda en línea 
  • Converse con sus hijos respecto al uso apropiado de las redes sociales.  Revise sus teléfonos y supervise el uso de redes sociales.   
  • Recuérdeles que, lo que publiquen en redes sociales, realmente no desaparece nunca.  Se pueden cancelar cuentas o retirar imágenes, pero las personas, sus vidas y sus sentimientos, puede quedar dañadas, por siempre.
  • Anime a sus hijos a reportar cualquier cuenta inapropiada en Instagram y a bloquearlas en sus redes sociales.
  • Enseñe a sus hijos a no publicar en línea lo que no se atreverían a decir en voz alta

Y, para nuestros estudiantes del Distrito 518– ustedes son mejores que esto.  Ustedes también tienen la responsabilidad de resolver este problema.  Defiendan a quienes estén siendo acosados.  Ustedes mismos pueden reportar estas cuentas al sitio de Instagram; o, mejor todavía, no sigan esas cuentas.  Tiene la opción de dejar de seguir una cuenta y les sugerimos que lo hagan.  Las palabras pueden llegar a herir por mucho tiempo.  Nuestra moral es, y debe ser, superior a esto, y podemos usar nuestro tiempo haciendo cosas mejores por nuestros compañeros.

District 518 Learn from Home Plan

In preparation for possible inclement weather District 518 has created a Learn from Home Plan. There are Late Start, Early Dismissal, No School/Snow Day, Buildings Closed, Learn from Home and Distance Learning Plans in place. Click below for more information.

Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Information to Families

We will host a PSEO informational Meeting on Tuesday, March 7th at Worthington High School in the cafeteria at 5:00 p.m. in English and 6:30 p.m. in Spanish.

News & Updates (Districtwide)

  • Congratulations to Andy Garcia Arreguin

    Congratulations to Andy Garcia Arreguin for earning his statesman torch award this past weekend at the BPA state leadership conference. Andy possibly be could earn enough points by March 24 to advance to nationals in the torch program.

    March 12, 2020
  • ISD 518 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

    Independent School District 518 is staying up to date with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak occurring throughout the world. The Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Health are currently NOT recommending postponing or cancelling any school time, extra-curricular events, or other gatherings. District 518 will continue to monitor the situation and stay up to date with the latest information.

    March 11, 2020
  • ISD 518 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information (En Español)

    El distritito escolar independiente 518 se mantiene al día en cuanto al actual brote del Coronavirus (COVID-19) que está ocurriendo por todo el mundo. El departamento de educación y el departamento de salud NO ESTÁN recomendando posponer o cancelar clases, eventos extracurriculares u otras concurrencias y el Distrito 518 continuará vigilando la situación y se mantendrá al día con las últimas noticias.

    March 11, 2020
  • Prairie Elementary Science Fair – March 19th, 4:30 p.m.

    The public is welcome to attend the Prairie Elementary Science Fair on Thursday, March 19th at 4:30 p.m. in the Prairie Elementary Gym. The public viewing of exhibits begins at 4:30 p.m. with awards being given at 5:00 p.m. Come and see the some of the hard work the 3rd and 4th grade students submitted… Continue Reading

    March 9, 2020
  • Future Health Professionals Club – Crossroads Care Center Trip

    This school year, students in WHS started a Future Health Professionals club (HOSA). This club is open to students who are looking to move on to careers in the health care field. Recently, students from HOSA helped residents of the Crossroads Care Center go bowling by assisting them with special equipment allowing for those in wheelchairs to bowl. Students who are interested in joining the Future Health Professional club in WHS can contact the club’s advisor, Ann Mills.

    March 6, 2020
  • Immigrant Academic Showcase – Monday, March 23rd 5 – 7 p.m.

    On March 23rd, a group of students with a particularly special story to be told will be celebrated. Join us in celebrating immigrant students and the excellent work they have done at ISD 518 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the WHS Cafeteria. We look forward to seeing the community rally around the students who have thrived through adversity and change in the upcoming Immigrant Academic Showcase.

    March 3, 2020


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