Language Instruction Education Program (LIEP) Department

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The vision of the District 518 English Learner Department is to create an interdisciplinary program that values multilingual learners’ unique backgrounds, talents, and funds of knowledge while providing English language instruction and content area support.

Mission Statement

The mission of the District 518 English Learner Department is to assist multilingual learners to develop the academic and social English language skills needed to access grade level content. The Language Instruction Education Program (LIEP) ensures students’ access to English language development and standards based instruction with supports, while valuing and encouraging the use of each student’s home language. We strive to involve the entire school community and family members in the education of our multilingual learners and to meet the linguistic, academic, social emotional, and cultural needs of each student.


  • Plan and deliver instruction that integrates language and content using researched-based best practices.
  • Collaborate with and support general education teachers to ensure multilingual learners are receiving the scaffolds and supports to access grade level content.
  • Assess student progress regularly and use data to adjust instruction and to inform students, teachers, and parents about student progress.
  • Ensure that each multilingual learner maintains a sense of pride in his/her culture and language.
  • Provide equitable access for multilingual learners to prepare for college, career, and civic participation.

More information about the programs and services offered through the English Learner Department can be found in the LIEP document or by contacting the EL Department at (507)727-1222. You may also email the Multilingual Learner Coordinator, Susan Hagen at