ISD 518 Learning Center Special Education

The goal of the Special Education Department at the Learning Center is to patiently motivate students, understand the students’ special needs, and accept the differences in all students. Our special education teachers use various techniques to promote learning for our students such as small-group instruction and providing appropriate accommodations for instruction. We work directly with the general education teachers to ensure our students reach success in all academic settings.

As students are educated at the Learning Center, progress is continually monitored to ensure that the student is making progress. If a student is identified as being at risk for not meeting grade level standards, the Problem Solving Team implements research based interventions over a period 10-12 weeks. If the student does not make sufficient progress, a determination can be made to evaluate the student for special education services. The parent, along with the evaluation team provides input and the evaluation is completed within 30 calendar days. Minnesota special education criteria is reviewed to determine if the student is eligible for special education services. A student can qualify for special education services under any of the following disability categories:

Specific Learning Disability
Developmental Cognitive Delay
Emotional/Behavioral Disability
Other Health Disability
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Speech/Language Impairment
Deaf/Hard Hearing
Visually Impaired

Traumatic Brain Injury
Physically Impaired
Severely Multiply Impaired

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed by the parents, general education and special education teachers, student, administration and other service professionals, if needed. The Individualized Education Plan is written to record present levels of performance, goals, services, accommodations and modifications, testing procedures and transition services and/or behavior support plans, if needed. This document is a legal document that ensures the student’s needs are appropriately met.  The education plan is reviewed and updated at least once per year and an evaluation is conducted every three years as directed by Minnesota and federal law. A student can also receive related services in the areas of developmental adapted physical education, speech-language, occupational therapy, physical therapy and audiological services.

Parent involvement and input is key to ensuring that each student served in special education is successful and making progress academically, socially and behaviorally to prepare students for life beyond high school.


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