General Program Questions 

Q: Can we access the sample modules?

A: Yes you can! Please email your request to and they will give you access.

Q: What does “preliminary enrollment” mean? 

A: Any student registrations received by VIBE will be considered preliminary and tentative until MDE gives their final approval in early June 2023. 

Q: What grade levels are available through VIBE?

A: VIBE is a K-12 program. 

Q: Can my student receive special education support through the Worthington School district while attending as a VIBE student? 

A: Absolutely! All of VIBE’s students have a right to access Special Educational Services if a student qualifies.  

Q: Can my student receive OT, PT, and speech services?

A: VIBE does offer virtual OT, PT, and speech services to online students where qualified. 

Q: Can we request to have our previous VIBE teacher from the previous school year?

A: You can absolutely request your previous Teacher of Record, but no guarantees can be made. We will do our best to honor those requests where possible. 

Q: Will there be field trips offered by VIBE? 

A: VIBE’s current administrator will review the request for field trips and notify families of their decision. However, Venture Upward does host a variety of field trips and community events available to all MN families throughout the state regardless of VIBE enrollment status.

Q: Is state standardized testing required?

A: VIBE administers the MCA’s to students in 3rd-12th grade once per year. The MCA is used to measure how well a school has aligned its chosen curriculum and instruction to Minnesota Academic Standards in reading, math, and science. For the betterment of the school, to differentiate instruction, for accountability in our curriculum, and to protect the integrity of the VIBE program, testing is highly encouraged. However, all MN students have the right to opt out of testing. Please see the opt-out form here, which can be emailed to us at

Curriculum Questions – Teacher-Led Modules (K-8)

Q: Do I need to supplement the Teacher-Led Modules? 

A: No. This curriculum is a comprehensive and complete curriculum. However, adding “paper and pencil” practice, at-home reading, and educational games are always a wonderful way to enrich any virtual school experience. 

Q: How many modules are required? 

A: One module per week per subject is required in the areas of ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE/Health, and Art. Please note that PE/Health, Art, Social Studies (K-3 only), and Science (K-3 only) are only semester-long courses (i.e., students in K-3rd grade will do Science for one semester and Social Studies for the opposite semester.) 

Q: How much time do modules take?

A: The beauty of virtual education is that much of the educational experience can be tailored to fit the unique needs of every student. Students can progress rapidly through course materials or take additional time to complete coursework or dive deeper into a topic. Therefore, it is difficult to give an exact estimation of the time that it will take a student to complete each module.

Q: What is the portfolio portion of modules? 

A: Students must show proficiency in all of the Minnesota Academic Standards. Proficiency is determined by the MN-licenced VIBE Teacher of Record. Students may bypass the instructional portion of the Teacher-Led Modules if a teacher determines that the student has achieved proficiency in a given standard. Students may demonstrate this using the module-provided assessment or by submitting a portfolio-style project which demonstrates proficiency according to the provided rubric. 

Q: What type of content will my student be exposed to in the curriculum? 

A: All content is directly tied to the Minnesota Academic Standards. 

Q: Can my students work in a curriculum that is above or below their grade level? 

A: Students working below grade level will need an IEP to get a grade-level accommodation. Students may work above grade level if they have first shown proficiency in their grade-level standards. 

Q: What curriculum is offered for high school students?

A: Students have the opportunity to complete their coursework through BYU’s High School Suites. This high-quality coursework is intensive and requires students to work 5-7 hours per day. 


Q: What is VIBE’s attendance policy? (recently changed)

A: Attendance will be taken by the teacher of record based on content accessed by students throughout the week. If a student accesses each content area in through the week, they will receive full attendance.

Q: Will my student be penalized if they experience technological difficulties or an internet outage? 

A: Students will not be penalized for not attending if technology doesn’t work as expected. If possible, families should attempt to call or email their teacher to report their difficulty. Students will be exempted from attendance during the technology failure. 

Q: What happens if my student needs to miss a day of school? 

A: Open communication with the district is paramount. If your student is going to miss a day, please email or call the district. At that time, a determination will be made whether an absence will be recorded as excused or unexcused. Again, open communication is key. 

Q: Can a family take vacations?

A: The standing district policy is that five days in a row for a vacation will be marked as an excused absence with a parent notification and VIBE administrative approval. Anything beyond five consecutive days requires special consideration and approval.

Synchronous Learning

Q: Do we have to attend class at a certain time every day? 

A: Not necessarily. Most of VIBE’s program is done asynchronously (not at a predetermined time). However, once per week, students may attend a “Weekly Kick-off” meeting with a VIBE Teacher of Record. This meeting time is meant to be fun and engaging. You can expect these meetings to last approximately 30-45 minutes. These kick-off opportunities are highly recommended.

VIBE Teachers also offer synchronous learning module classes several times per week as an optional learning opportunity. These classes support and reinforce the academic instruction embedded within the Teacher-led Modules.   

Venture Upward

Q: Who is Venture Upward, and what is their relationship with VIBE?

A: Venture Upward is an independent curriculum provider that provides our High School Suites curriculum as well as our K-8 Teacher-Led Modules. They also provide several additional resources to virtual and at-home learners throughout the state, which are completely separate from the VIBE program. Much of their programming is discounted or free to Worthington District students. 

Q: Will we have Venture Schools or subscription boxes this year?

A: Yes; however, those extracurricular opportunities are not affiliated with the VIBE program. Please refer to Venture Upward’s website for more information about their programming.

Q: I don’t have access to the technology and resources to support online learning in my home. Will there be Venture Reward funding to help make the VIBE program accessible to me? 

A: Yes. The Venture Reward is unchanged from last year. All students in K-12 will have an allowance of $1,000 total per student per year, which is broken up into $500 allotments per semester to support equitable access to success in our online program. Please keep in mind that any resources provided to families enrolled in the program are property of the district and must be returned if you decide to leave the program before the end of the school year.