Knowledge Bowl

Head Coach is Mary Doyscher; Assistant Coach is Dominic Burns, a WHS alumnus. Dominic participated in Knowledge Bowl while in high school and was on a team that twice made it to state competition. He is a valuable resource.

Practices for Knowledge Bowl are every Wednesday, with the choice of coming before or after school.

Invitationals begin in January and are always on Monday evenings starting at 7:00. Because of this scheduling system, it’s easy for students in other activities to participate. This year we traveled to JCC (Jan. 22) and Adrian (Jan. 29) and hosted our own invitational Feb. 5th. This was the first time in recent memory that Worthington has hosted a meet. We had 10 schools participate, so it was one of the bigger meets in the region.

We were also scheduled to go to Edgerton, but that was snowed out, and to Fulda, but most of our students had a music concert that night. Invitationals don’t “count” toward the season as games do in more conventional activities. They are more like scrimmages and are meant for practice—and fun!

This year our top team took first place at the Worthington meet, and third at subregions March 1. The second team took 7th at Worthington and 10th at subregions. Both teams did well enough to attend regionals at SMSU March 6th (the top 14 teams out of 26 made it to regions).

Minnesota Service Cooperatives KNOWLEDGE BOWL® competitions are interdisciplinary academic contests designed for students in grades 9-12. During the contest, teams of students compete in written and oral rounds by answering questions related to all areas of learning typical of secondary educational programs. Questions test students’ recall, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. When the Minnesota Service Cooperative KNOWLEDGE BOWL® Senior High Program was introduced in 1979, eight school districts in West Central Minnesota participated. Participation has grown to over 800 teams from 285 school districts throughout Minnesota. This academic challenge now involves over 6,000 students each year.

Sr. High Knowledge Bowl

Teams of students participate in a written round of 60 questions and four oral rounds of 45 questions. Five students participate in the written round with four students competing in the oral rounds. Local districts may host invitationals during the season. The SW/WC Service Cooperative hosts two sub-regional and one regional event for registered teams from Region 6 and also for Region 8. Approximately one half of the teams advance from the two sub-regional events to each regional competition. Awards are given to winning teams at each event. In addition, the top three teams from Region 8 advance to the state competition held in Brainerd, MN in April. At that event 48 teams are divided into two tiers, based on the number of students enrolled in their district, for the competition.