ISD 518 e-Learning Information

e-Learning is used in place of a school day that has been cancelled due to inclement weather.  Through e-Learning, teachers are able to deliver instruction and support through electronic or virtual means when the weather does not allow for staff and students to safely travel to school. Teachers in grades 5-12 will post learning goals, deliver instruction, discuss and assign activities/assignments, take attendance, and be available to answer student questions.

While e-Learning cannot replace face-to-face instruction, it is a way that staff and students can continue moving forward with their current lessons. The state of Minnesota allows each district to use up to five e-Learning days per year (Minnesota Statute 120A.414). e-Learning cannot be built into the school calendar and can only be used for inclement weather when school will be closed. ISD 518’s goal is to meet the needs of all students. The needs may be met electronically in grades 5-12 or with paper school work in grades K-4.