Special Education Assessment Team (SEAT)

Evaluation or Reevaluation is the process of utilizing formal and informal procedures to determine specific areas of a child’s or student’s strengths, needs, and eligibility for special education services. Worthington district conducts a full and individual evaluation of a child or student, for the purposes of special education that meets all state and federal requirements. Such an evaluation includes, but is not limited to: providing the parent(s) with prior written notice of each proposed evaluation; ensuring tests or evaluation tools are administered by trained and knowledgeable personnel; assessing the child or student in all areas related to the suspected disability; presenting all evaluation results to the parent(s) in writing within state and federal timelines; determining whether the child or student meets state eligibility criteria; and, in evaluating each child with a disability, ensuring the evaluation is sufficiently comprehensive to identify all of the child’s or student’s special education and related service needs, whether or not commonly linked to the disability category in which the child has been classified.

ISD 518’s SEAT (Special Education Assessment Team):

Prairie Elementary: Anne Jensen and Barb King

Intermediate School: Sara Hartquist and Sherry Gaalswyk

Worthington Middle School: Dave Schieffer and Deb Stoll

Worthington High School: Abby Alfson and Michelle Brunk

Prescence Learning: Anthony Brazill

SEAT Secretary: Konnie Beck

SLP:Mara Jirele

BCBA:Cassie Patterson

Allison Eitreim

McKenzie Helgeson