Graduation Requirements

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Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA’s):

Students must pass the MCA II (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) to be eligible for graduation. Attendance is mandatory during this time. Please do not schedule vacations or appointments during this testing period. Please see the school calendar for the testing dates.

  • 9th Grade – MCA II Grad Writing
  • 10th Grade – MCA II Reading
  • MCA II Science
  • 11th Grade – MCA II Mathematics

Note: Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments only apply to students enrolled as comprehensive students at Virtual Instruction By Excellence. Students registered as supplementary students must check with their home district regarding this requirement.


A grade of incomplete (I+) may be given to a student who has unfinished course work. This grade is given solely at the discretion of the teacher. The grade of I+ becomes an F

Early Graduation:

Student may be considered for early graduation, as provided for within Minn. Stat 120B.07 upon meeting the following conditions:

  • The student must meet established Minnesota K-12 academic standards, required state tests, and Worthington graduation requirements.
  • The principal or designee shall conduct an interview with the student and parent or guardian, familiarize the parties with opportunities available in post-secondary education, and arrive at a timely decision. The principal’s decision shall be in writing and may be subject to review by the superintendent and school board.