District 518 employs three full-time Translators/Interpreters

Herminio Nunez Lopez: 507-727-1143
Patricia Ambrossi: 507-727-1266
Rose Bautista: 507-376-4174
Areil Reyes: 507-727-1107

On-call Interpreter Information

District 518 utilizes On-call Interpreters to assist families during school conferences and some meetings.  Interpreters are needed to help facilitate communication between school personnel and families who are not fluent in English.  In order to meet this need, District 518 maintains an On-call Interpreter list.  Employees of District 518 must have a high school diploma or GED. 

Individuals who are interested in working as On-call Interpreters must:

1. Complete an online application at www.isd518.net. You will be asked to create an account and fill out the online application form.  The form may be saved and revised before submission. 

2. Be interviewed for the position and possibly be offered the position, contingent on a background check. You will most likely be contacted by e-mail to schedule this interview.

3. Complete and pass a background check. (cost to applicant is $15 which may be paid online or at the administration office).

4. Attend an orientation session facilitated by the full-time District 518 Interpreter/Translators.

5. Sign a confidentiality pledge. 

6. Be added to the On-call Interpreter List, so that you may be called as needed.

On-Call Interpreter Orientation Individuals who wish to be added to the list will be asked to meet with Herminio Nunez Lopez or Sharon Johnson to complete an orientation session. One of these individuals will contact you following the receipt of an online application to set up a meeting time. 

On-call Interpreter Opportunities

On-call Interpreters are primarily called to work on the dates of school conferences in the various District 518 schools.  A staff member for the designated building will call or e-mail individuals on the list to schedule individuals to interpret at conferences.  This is a very important responsibility, so if you accept the position, we are counting on you to show up for your scheduled hours.  If for some reason, you are unable to attend, please notify the school office in advance, so that alternate arrangements may be made.  

Prairie Elementary office: 727-1250
WMS office: 376-4174
WHS office: 376-6121
West/ALC: 372-1322
Community Ed: 376-6105

Individuals who do not show up and do not call in advance may be removed from the list for failure to fulfill the requirements of the position.

Contact Info

Patricia Ambrossi
Rose Bautista
Herminio Lopez
Ariel Reyes

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