NCIC General Information

NCIC Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the Nobles County Integration Collaborative, a consortium of adjacent school districts, is to promote students success and community acceptance of differences by providing opportunities for students, families and staff from diverse backgrounds to learn from and with one another.

Our Vision

Our activities are guided by a plan that was developed through public meetings of the constituents of these districts and also by a Collaborative Council meeting which is held every other month at the Integration Collaborative. The Collaborative Council welcomes input from community members. 

  1. Cultural Awareness: To provide a wide variety of opportunities to increase cultural awareness, make schools more welcoming and bring together diverse people in pursuit of common goals.
  2. Closing Achievement Gaps: To reduce academic achievement gaps by investing in early intervention strategies.
  3. Student Achievement: To foster student success and learning through innovative initiatives designed to remove barriers, reduce the achievement gap or emphasize the importance of education in life.
  4. Parent Involvement: To increase the involvement of parents in the education system and the support of families to promote student success.
  5. Professional Development: To provide district personnel and community members with training opportunities to promote cultural competence and increase engagement in community leadership roles.

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