Physical Education

Our goal is to help students improve upon their emotional growth and academic excellence through a wide variety of activities, games and fitness tests.

During the Middle School years, it is important to place emphasis on the wide-variety of activities. It is at this juncture that students will make decisions as to what interests them in regards to physical activity. Our priority is to help students figure out what they like to do to stay fit, healthy and begin a lifetime of wellness.
 Bottom (K-4):
In this area, the students are in the exploration stages of development. Basic loco- and non-locomotive skills are being developed in this age-group.  Simply put, students at this level will work between spacial awareness and develop up to the level of integrating their newly developed skills with other aspects of teamwork and so-forth.

Middle (5-8):
At this level, students will be using their new “foundation” as a base for developing individual preferences. It is at the middle portion of the developmental model that students will experience a wide-variety of activities.  In Middle School PE, we intend to give students many options throughout the school-year.

Upper (9-12):
The diamond has begun to narrow and students are becoming more individualized and figuring out what works for them. No more “testing of the waters,” students here should have a good grasp on the skills they use and skills that work best for them.