District 518 Translators

District 518 employs full-time interpreters to provide language assistance for families whose are not fluent in English.  These interpreters speak Spanish because it is the most widely spoken language other than English in the school district.  For families who speak a language other than English, the district will contact on-call interpreters to assist families as needed.  

Herminio Nuñez López has worked as an Interpreter/Translator in ISD 518 the longest.  His office is located at Worthington High School.  Patricia Ambrossi has also worked for ISD 518 for many years.  Her office is located at Prairie Elementary.  This year a new Interpreter has been hired at Worthington Middle School; her name is Maria Rose Bautista.  Although each interpreter works in a specific school building, all of them assist with interpreting and translating needs for the whole school district.

Herminio Nuñez López
Worthington Senior High School

Patricia Ambrossi
Prairie Elementary

Rose Bautista

Worthington Middle School

Ariel Reyes
Intermediate School