National Honor Society (NHS)

Congratulations 2022-2023 National Honor Society Members

The Worthington High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is comprised of individuals who are the pillars of scholarship, leadership, service and good character.  These students show enthusiasm in the classes they take, have a positive influence on their school and community through leadership and service, and demonstrate the quality of honesty to everyone they meet.  National Honor Society members must maintain a grade point average of 3.5 or above, attend monthly meetings, and participate in various service activities throughout the school year, all while upholding the 4 pillars of the society.

Selection Process

1. Students in grades eleven and twelve are sent letters informing them of their academic eligibility for membership to NHS, a 3.5 GPA.

2. Students who have been invited to consider membership to NHS are required to attend an informational meeting that will explain the selection process, the requirements for membership, activities or the organization, and responsibilities of being a member.

3. Students are asked to fill out a student information form that will provide a detailed description of their school activities, leadership positions, community service activities, and volunteer service. All students will also be required to write and essay related to a provided scenario.

4. WHS faculty members are asked to rate the candidates on a scale of 1-4(4 being the highest) in the areas of leadership, service, and character.

5. The Faculty Council, made up of five current members of the teaching staff, is responsible for the final selection. The Faculty Council understands the importance of exercising their professional judgment in the most objective manner possible.

6. The faculty ratings by the entire staff and comments from staff members are presented to the Faculty Council by the NHS advisor. A discussion follows each presentation.

7. Parents and students must understand that NHS membership is an earned privilege, not a right.

8. Reconsiderations of a Faculty Council’s decision must be a rare occurrence if the Council is to be expected to take it assignment seriously. Chapters are not obligated to share with parents and students information concerning those who are not selected for membership in the Society. The principal may listen to complaints from students not selected or from the parents of such students. Following such discussions, if the principal believes that some kind of technical mistake has been made, the principal may ask the Faculty Council to reconvene to review the situation. Technical errors might include the inadvertent omission of a student’s name form the list of those qualifies for induction, the erroneous averaging of points, or the like. In the absence of specific evidence to the contrary, however, the principal must assume that the members of the Council are exercising their discretion in a legitimate manner and with good faith expected of them.

9. The selection process will be public information; it will be fair, non-discriminatory, and consistently applied.

NHS Application Forms

Examples of NHS Pillars

NHS Bylaws

NHS Bylaws

NHS Student Resources

Statement of Understanding

National Honor Society website

Service Hours

NHS Pledge

I pledge to maintain high scholastic standing,

To hold as fundamental and worth

An untarnished character,

To endeavor intelligently and courageously

To be a leader,

And to give of myself freely in service to others

In so doing, I shall prove myself worthy

Of a place in the National Honor Society.