TROJAN Robotics

12 high school students with 2 coaches

Who we are

TROJAN Robotics is a Varsity team sport at Worthington ISD 518 where students design, build and program a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition. The Robotics team consists of programmers, builders, designers, and website/social media managers that engage in developing and applying 21st-century skills into real-life settings.

The Trojan FIRST Robotics Team is mentored by Head Coach Duane Hansen supported by Coach José Morales Collazo. 

What we do

As a recognized varsity sport, Robotics expose students to:

→    solving engineering and scientific problems by designing and improving a robot to perform specific tasks.

→    accepting a leadership role and collaborate with others in developing problem solving, critical thinking, and strategic skills. 

→    the wide range of professional career opportunities in the industries of STEM.

When we do what we do

Under normal circumstances, pre-season starts around the end of October which consists of recruitment and organization of the team, followed by initial planning and design of the robot. During this time, we hold regular scheduled weekly practices based on discussion between the coaches and the team. Additional practices may be scheduled as we get closer to Kickoff; it is expected that the students attend at least one of the weekly practices.

Kickoff usually starts around the month of January marking the beginning of the official Robotics Season. At this time, every year, a new game with a new task is introduced by FIRST Robotics and the Building Season starts. From this point, the team has six weeks (until Mid-February) to design and create a functioning robot for that year’s competition. We encourage students to commit to coming to practice every day during the build season afterschool (3:30-5:30 pm).

The Competition Season typically runs from mid-February through the end of March. Normally, the students travel and participate in the regional competition hosted by FIRST Robotics.


FIRST is a worldwide organization that inspires young people to get involved in Science, Technology, and Engineering career fields.

FIRST is an acronym that represents:

FIRST encourages community involvement. Teams often gain sponsorship’s from local businesses and people. To do this, FIRST encourages students to participate in improving and utilizing engineering and business skills by offering a fun and competitive way to use those skills and help the community.