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Learning Center Breakfast

Nutritional Data for Breakfast

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Middle School and High School Nutritional Data for Lunch

Learning Center Nutritional Data for Lunch

Meal Service during Distance Learning

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

If you need assistance reading the menus, please send a detailed email to or contact the school office where your student is enrolled:

Prairie Elementary, 507-727-1250
Middle School, 507-376-4174
High School, 507-376-6121
Learning Center, 507-372-1322

Nutritional Values

  • Prairie Breakfast
  • Prairie Lunch
  • Middle School Breakfast
  • Middle School Lunch
  • High School Breakfast
  • High School Lunch
  • LC lunch

Family Account Balance

To see your account balance for Food Service is as easy as logging into your Parent Portal Account. On the left, once you have logged in, you will see a Food Service tab. Click on it for family information regarding your account.

To log in to Parent Portal click here.

If you have not already registered to access the Parent Portal you can apply online here  or pick up an application at one of the schools. When finished please turn it into one of the schools that your children attend.

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