Nancy Landeros

Nancy Landeros, NCIC Coordinator

Nancy Landeros is the Achievement & Integration Coordinator. She worked six years at the Worthington School District in various positions and has worked at the Nobles County Integration Collaborative for five years. Nancy, is a Mexican-American born in Texas, her parents were born and raised in Mexico. Her family moved to SW Minnesota in the late 90’s and have made SW MN their home. Nancy, a bilingual speaker, continues to assist students and families with language support and navigating the school system. She looks forward to growing a long side the community and providing more opportunities for students and families in the areas of cultural awareness, academic success, and integration. You can reach Nancy at or 507-376-3348.

Zawdee Ploeserpoeliberty

Zawdee Ploeserpoeliberty is a Bilingual Program Aide. He grew up in a refugee camp in Thailand but he is originally from Burma. He came to the United States in 2007. Zawdee is fluent in S’gaw Karen, Ploe Karen, and some Burmese and Thai. His responsibilities include parent engagement through programs, family support efforts, and language support to NCIC member school districts. He can be reached at or 507-376-3309.

Chansouk Duangapai

picture of Chansouk Duangapai

Chansouk Duangapai is a Youth Development Leader. He coordinates an after-school program for 7th-12th grade students. The program focuses on cultural awareness, leadership development, academic success, civic engagement, and college & career readiness. He also provides direct services to students at the Worthington High School. Chansouk is a graduate from MN West and he received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree from the University of Minnesota. You can reach Chansouk at or 507-727-1114.

Paulina Bouavichith

Paulina Bouavichith is a Youth Development Leader. Paulina coordinates an after-school program for 7th-12th grade students, she provides direct services to middle and high school students, and provides language support for NCIC member school districts. Paulina is a graduate from the Worthington High School and previously attended Minnesota State, Mankato. Paulina can be reached at or 507-727-1116.

Kathy Janssen

Kathy Janssen is an NCIC Enrichment Coordinator specializing in middle school mathematics and algebra. She provides tutoring and intervention services at the West Learning Center for school age care students and to all other students by appointment. You can reach Kathy at or 507-376-3300.