Academic Intervention at Worthington Middle School

A new intervention program has been implemented at the Worthington Middle School that offers academic support in the areas of Reading and Mathematics. Interventionists play a crucial role in supporting students who struggle with standard skills related to math and reading. In collaboration with classroom teachers, interventionists use Standardized testing data to identify students who would benefit from these targeted services. Once these students have been identified, services are provided through small group interventions or through a “push-in” model, in which interventionists are utilized in the classroom setting to provide direct support to students. Small group intervention takes place during the students’ Independent Study time for 30 minutes, every other day. 

In addition to providing instructional support, interventionists are responsible for monitoring student growth and adjusting interventions as needed.  When a student demonstrates that they are making significant growth in Reading or Math, they will exit from the intervention program.  

A brief summary of each Interventionist’s role is outlined below:

Reading Class

In the spring of 2023, the MN Department of Education passed the READ Act in which the main objective is to have every Minnesota child reading at or above grade level. In accordance with this act,Worthington Middle School uses programs called FastBridge and iReady to collect data on our students’ growth in reading. When the data identifies a deficit, the reading interventionist is responsible for closing that gap, which ultimately allows our students to be successful in a variety of subjects. Skills that may be targeted in the reading intervention program include Phonics, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Programs that are utilized to assist students in reaching grade level standards in these areas include Lexia Core 5, LETRs, and Morpheme Magic. Students are progress monitored bi-weekly using FastBridge to track progress towards their individual goals.

Math Class

Worthington Middle School uses a program called iReady to identify deficits in our students’ math skills. The math interventionist is responsible for closing those gaps. Small group interventions are focused on comprehension of grade-level skills, skill review and development, and basic fact recall. Programs that are utilized to assist students in reaching grade level standards include Arithmetic Developed Daily and iReady. Students are progress monitored over the course of their participation in small group intervention.