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Wondering how I can help you?

     Examples of what we could meet about:

  • Collaborate on the successful integration of hardware (Apple TV, WePresent, Smartboard, etc), software (apps, programs, etc), and Internet resources, in support of student learning.
  • Assist teachers in meeting Common Core and state standards with the assistance of technology in their classrooms.
  • Teach the basics (or advanced) use of the technology that is available to you (Schoology, Seesaw, Google Drive, Smartboard, Smart Notebook, Apple TV, WePresent, etc).
  • Video creation to add to Schoology/Seesaw that will aid students when doing homework outside of school hours.
  • Create learning resources for teachers, staff, and students. Resources may include tutorials, websites, video tutorials, or instructions for projects.
  • Recommend websites, apps, software, and related resources.
  • Collaborate and assist in planning and implementing technology-infused lessons. 
  • Co-teach. At the start of a new technology project, I can be an extra set of hands in the room to assist with questions. I am also willing to introduce and teach the tech portion of the project.
  • Design or assist with designing projects and lessons that utilize new technologies.
  • Brainstorm/research new apps, websites, etc. for your class and ways to integrate into your classroom.
  • Show/explain how to use technology (iPads) in meaningful ways with the students.
  • Help with our learning management systems: Schoology and Seesaw.
  • e-Learning: assist with planning lessons, showing how to create videos, or record your voice for students.

Purpose:  Technology integration is achieved when technology’s use supports curricular goals. It must support four key components of learning: active engagement, collaboration, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts.

Vision:  Technology integration will be like breathing; it will happen naturally in both teaching and learning. 

Mission:  Through the integration of technology, combined with new approaches to education, a more personalized style of learning can be realized.