At the Learning Center, exploration of all of the Sciences is important. We cover Biology, Physical Science, Earth Science, Wildlife Management, Minnesota Wildlife, Environmental Science, and Alternative Energy.

Biology involves the study of living organisms. Students will learn about living organisms from the cellular level, up to the body and its functions. We will look at the importance of biodiversity, natural selection, and how species have evolved.

Physical Science involves chemistry and also force and motion. Students will learn about matter and its properties. The force and motion parts include a look at energy and movement.

Earth Science is about the physical makeup of the earth. How it was created and continues to reshape itself. Students will also study the solar system including the stars and the planets.

Wildlife Management covers animals and their habitats and the impact humans have on them. We will cover what we can do to help support our wildlife to assure future generations of the beauty of nature.

In Minnesota Wildlife, students learn about animals, fish, birds, and trees common to Minnesota. They will be able to impress their friends when they can identify a bird or tree; which past students have taken pride in.

Environmental Science is the study of the interaction of the living and nonliving in our ecosystems. Students will learn how we are interconnected to our environment. What we do to our environment impacts us. Global Warming is a very hot topic.

The Alternative Energy class is research based. Students will explore renewable energy versus nonrenewable. We will discuss the need for renewable energy. They will take a look at what it means to “Go Green”. At the end they will construct a model of an energy efficient home using the knowledge they gained by their research.