Community Connectors and Parent Liaisons

Community Connectors are available to help residents connect to resources available in the community.

Nelson Bonilla, Community Connector Coordinator/Spanish-speaking Connector: 507-372-4664.
Lorena Gonzalez-Miranda, Spanish-speaking Community Connector: 507-372-4664.
Than Than Kyaw, Karen-speaking Community Connector: 507-727-1205.

Family Liaisons are available to help immigrant and refugee families with navigating the school system. 

Adry Stafford, Spanish-speaking Family Liaison: 507-727-1227 or 507-370-3682
Than Than Kyaw, Karen-speaking Family Liaison: 507-372-1205

If you are interested in PASS classes contact a Family Liaison for details or to enroll. Childcare and transportation are provided, as needed.

We would like to express our appreciation to the United Way of Nobles County board and United Way contributors for their support.  The Community Connector program received financial support from United Way of Nobles County again this year.

Community Connector Coordinator

Nelson Bonilla
Community Connector Coordinator/Spanish-Speaking Connector

Community Education Departments