Industrial Technology

Here at Worthinton Middle School

In Tech class, the students do various activities including robotics, multimedia, structures, woodworking, lasers, hot medals, transportation, and digital video editing etc. In these stations, the students learn different ways of solving problems and making solutions while having fun building and figuring out how things work.

Tower Design

26.44       Jessica Darling & Natalie Demuth 
21.18Sofia Gutierrez & Julio Moralez
20.00Briana Newman & Kiana Bartely
19.05Vanessa Juarez & Andrea Nunez & Adrianna Hernandez
18.75Ashlyn Rosenberg & Jennifer Carabantes
17.14Kevin Gutierrez & Octavio Loza
16.67Megan Powers & Madison Roesner
16.07Ethan Pavelko & Jeffery Guerrero
16.00Cataline Nguyen
15.87Sam Martin & Max Langerud

Engineering CO2 Top 10

1. 1.01076Sergio Jimmenez
2. 1.02518Cayson Phommasy
3. 1.04955Alex Loung
4. 1.07102Skilin Skindelien
5. 1.07415Jesus Carenas
6.1.08437Mario Villagran 
7. 1.08653Eh Kyoo
8.   1.11084MooDay Wa
9.   1.12342Sydney Ponto 
10. 1.12343Yessenia Lopez