Advisory Boards

Joint Powers Board Members

1. Ray Hassing; Chair
2. Trevor Wintz; Vice-Chair
3. Lindsay Jenniges; Secretary
4. Brittany Perish; Fulda Community
5. Annie Rasche; Heron Lake-Okabena Community
6. Stephen Schneider; Worthington Community
7. Leslie Madison; Adrian Community
8. Lakeyta Swinea; Worthington Community
9. Tracy Freking; Heron Lake-Okabena Community
10. Jorge Lopez; Worthington Community

The Joint Powers Board provides the fiscal oversight for the Nobles County Integration Collaborative. It also makes all decisions pertaining to personnel.

Collaborative Council Members

1. Lakeyta Swinea; Chair
2. Ray Hassing; Round Lake-Brewster Admin. – Vice-Chair
3. Chelsea Wintz; Secretary
4. Dave Ackerman; Ellsworth- Admin.
5. Molly Schilling; Adrian-Admin.
6. Loy Woeldber; Fulda  Admin.
7. Paul Bang; Heron Lake-Okabena Admin.
8. Sharon Johnson; Worthington Admin.
9. Jay Vargas; At-large
10. Jorge Lopes; At-large
11. Leticia Rodriguez; At-large
12. Kesia Escalante Dominguez; At-large
13. Andrea Duarte-Alonso; At-large
14. Rhonda Groen; Ellsworth Community-Appointed
15. Diane Larson; Round Lake-Brewster Community-Appointed
16. Luke Isder; Fulda Community-Appointed
17. Tracy Freking; Heron Lake-Okabena Community-Appointed
18. Carla Osornio; Adrian Community-Appointed
19. Maria Valle; At-large

The Collaborative Council provides oversight of programs within the Nobles County Integration Collaborative.

Both the Collaborative Council and Joint Powers Board meet on the first Monday of every other month in NCIC Office. The Collaborative Council meets at 6:00 p.m. and the Joint Powers Board meets immediately following the Council meeting.