Advisory Boards

Joint Powers Board Members

1. Lisa Kruger Adrian Community
2. Tracy Schultz Ellsworth Community
3. Dan Fischer Fulda Community
4. Jeanie Rasche Heron Lake-Okabena Community
5. Daine Larson Round Lake-Brewster Community
6. Stephen Schneider Worthington Community
7. Lakeyta Potter CC Rep.
8. Rhonda Groen CC Rep.
9. Jorge Lopez CC Rep.
10. Roger Graff AdrianAdministration
11. Ray Hassing Round Lake-BrewsterAdministration
12. John Landgaard Wortthington Administration
13. Luther Onken Fulda Ex-officeAdministration
14. John Widvey EllsworthAdministration
15. Sharon Johnson WorthingtonAdministration
16. Loy Woeldber Heron Lake-OkabenaAdministration

The Joint Powers Board provides the fiscal oversight for the Nobles County Integration Collaborative. It also makes all decisions pertaining to personnel.

Collaborative Council Members

1. Robyn GuntherHeron Lake Okabena Community
2. Jorge López Chair Worthington Community
3. Marilyn Hartzler Brewster Community
4. Chelsea WintzVice-chair Round Lake Community
5. Rhonda Groen Ellsworth Community
6. Tim Christensen Adrian Community
7. Stan Kramer Fulda Community
8. Nelson BonillaAt-large
9. America VossAt-large
10. Salvin PuacAt-large
11. Loany FloresSecretary, At-large
12. Jay VargasAt-large
13. Thi SynavoneAt-large
14. Semere AbrhaAt-large
15. Scott BarberAt-large
16. Morde Cari At-large
17. Jerry PerkinsAt-large
18. Lakeyta Potter At-large
19. Luis Vargas At-large
20. John Willey Ellsworth Administration
21. Roger Graff Adrian Administration
22. Ray Hassing Round Lake- Brewster Administration
23. John Landgaard Worthington Administration
24. Luther Onken Fulda Administration
25. John Widvey Ellsworth Administration
26. Sharon Johnson Worthington Administration
27. Loy Woeldber Heron Lake Okabena Administration
28. Paul Bang Heron Lake Okabena Administration

The Collaborative Council provides oversight of programs within the Nobles County Integration Collaborative.

Both the Collaborative Council and Joint Powers Board meet on the first Monday of every other month in NCIC Office. The Collaborative Council meets at 6:00 p.m. and the Joint Powers Board meets immediately following the Council meeting.