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Mission Statement, Vision Statement and District Goals

Mission Statement

Educational Excellence for All Learners to be Successful Citizens in the Future
“Excellence in Action”

Vision Statement

District 518 is a leader in Southwest Minnesota and in the State of Minnesota that provides educational opportunities for all students to be productive global citizens and successful lifelong learners. District 518 will capitalize on opportunities that will lead to student success in school, the region, the state and the world through strong educational programming that meets the goals of the World’s Best Work Force.

District 518 will increase student achievement:


The percentage of children who participate in the district pre-school program will increase in Kindergarten readiness from 80% to 85% as measured by scoring a 29 or less on a Kindergarten Entry Profile tool.

  • Build communication and create collaborative efforts among early childhood stakeholders. 
    1. Expand and enhance parent involvement initiatives over the next five (5) years through a variety of communication actions and input strategies.
  • Develop a common assessment tool for administration to all children at the end of an early childhood experience.
  • Increase the contact hours of district early childhood experiences.
  • Develop students and families to be active participants in the educational system 
    1. Develop and implement over the next five (5) years additional parent education activities.


The percentage of third graders proficient on the Reading MCA assessments will increase from 46.2% to 53% from 2014-2015 to 2015-2016.

  • Conduct needs assessment to identify strategies to increase reading proficiency.
  • Align curriculum to essential standards and state established standards.
  • Provide ongoing professional development time for teachers to determine essential outcomes, review student work and data, and develop interventions and enrichments.


By increasing the percentage of students in each group from the current proficiency rate to 60% (all subgroups will meet established targets), as measured by MCAs in Reading and Math.

  • Determine and implement staff training for best practice instruction focused on student sub groups. 
    1. Define processes and procedures that promote quality staff development opportunities over the next five (5) years that support continued employee growth.
  • Increase student engagement through the use of technology (student learning devices). 
    1. Provide support to assist staff with the integration of technology into the curriculum over the next five (5) years.
    2. Develop of a technology plan for the next five (5) years that supports the districts learning device implementation and continued skills necessary for student success.
  • Ensure that high functioning PLCs are established. 
    1. Staff will utilize summative and formative assessments with students over the next five (5) years through base data that continues to build student understanding and mastery.
    2. Teachers will over the next five (5) years develop grading practices that support essential learning of standards and skills.
  • Ensure that curriculum is aligned to standards and a scope and sequence is determined/followed K-12 in each content area. 
    1. Further training will be offered over the next (5) years that promotes the effective use of data and decision making that increases student mastery of essential standards.
  • Develop processes/systems (linked teams) from class, grade/department, building leadership, district leadership, administration, school board. 
    1. Refine the implementation of plans for peer learning support and development over the next five (5) years through the current mentoring, monitoring and training programs.
    2. Enhance current time allow for staff training that builds on the practices each year that are district priorities.


The percentage of students at Worthington High School and Alternative Learning Center who are college and career ready will increase from 50% to 75%, as measured by having career goals in a written format, completing a career assessment, having 90% or higher attendance rate, and meeting all graduation requirements.

  • Build capacity and understanding of college and career readiness among mainstream staff.
  • Develop systematic logistical processes for submitting/storing/retrieving personal learning plan information.
  • Determine baseline expectations for personal learning plan to be developed and reviewed by students. 
    1. Increase student participation in co-curricular activities and events over the next five (5) years by specific strategies which include community service activity.


The 2013-2014 graduation rate for Worthington High School was 92%. The rate for all students will increase for 2014-2015 report to 95%, as measured by the Annual Yearly Progress Report.

Note: Graduation rate is calculated one year behind. This data was provided on the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 AYP reports.

  • Ensure that high functioning PLCs are established.
  • Ensure that curriculum is aligned to standards as well as scope and sequence is determined and followed K-12 in each content area. 
    1. Increase student graduation and academic growth over the next five (5) years.


By continuing to expect a strong financial practice that supports educational programs, opportunities and development of the entire system.

  • Continue conservative practices as addressed in District policy, through fund balance and spending habits.
  • Continue communication and transparency to increase community understanding and support.
  • Provide fiscal dollars to support the continued growth and development of current and future student success.