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FFA is an integral part of a well-rounded, three-part agricultural education program. FFA focuses on the student’s development as a leader and a professional. The other two parts of the agricultural education program, Instruction and SAE, focus on teaching student’s technical skills and knowledge and providing them with hands-on learning experiences.

Minnesota FFA Contest Handbook & Sample Tests

Congratulations to the teams that have won a trip to State Convention!

Soils:                        Tang, LeBrun, Linder, Phannera, Zemenfes

Forestry:                  Pavelko, Nystrom, Thompson, Kremer

B.I.G.:                       DeNeui, Rogers, Martin, Williams, Zemenfes

Creed:                      Rogers

Extempt:                  Slocum

Prepared:                 Williamson

Parli Pro:                 Tang, Theppalad, Gustaf, Phannera, Fritz, Slocum

Small Animals:        Kruse, Luke, Prins, Elsing, Solma, Junker

Wildlife:                    Rogers, Lee, Kremer, Meier