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Worthington English Language Learners


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We are excited to have added many additional teachers to our staff and we welcome all of you! Please check our Annual Measurement Achievement Objective link on the right side of this page to see how well our English learners are progressing.

English Learners

Welcome! Our website hosts a vast amount of information that we hope will be helpful for you.  Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.  Thank you for visiting us online!

The English Learner (EL) Department strives to provide a premier education for language learners, with long-range goals for language proficiency, strong foundations, community engagement, and collaborative success. The EL Department also works with the families and communities of EL students to ensure that students and their families are offered opportunities to learn, grow, and participate inside and outside of school. Many of the EL services for students and families extend into academic, cultural, and community areas.   

The Worthington Public Schools English Learner Department provides services to our students through: The EL Programs, Early Childhood Family Education, Adult Basic Education, Adult ESL classes, Citizenship classes and Language and Culture Enrichment Programs.

The EL Programs: The EL Department offers content-based EL instructional programs, which strive to promote students’ English language proficiency and mastery of academic content at the same time by integrating subject areas with language objectives. EL students acquire English through participation in age-appropriate instruction that is aligned to national, state, and district content standards as well as English language proficiency standards as outlined by WIDA (World-class Instructional Design and Assessment). The primary objective of teaching language through content is to make grade-level standards and curriculum accessible to EL students at all levels. English language acquisition and proficiency is the goal of all of the EL services. The EL services available include:

Students received needs-based EL services within the classroom environment. English Language Development instruction is tightly linked to the grade-level content standards as well as to the English language standards as outlined by WIDA. EL Leveled Courses in Grades 5-12: Students participate in courses with embedded language development and receive appropriate levels of support to access content knowledge.

More information about the programs and services offered through the EL Department can be obtained by contacting the EL Department at (507) 727-1226 or through emailing our English Language Coordinator, Dr. Borges-Gatewood at