English Learner Program

Mission - The mission of the District 518 English Learner Department is to assist non-English or limited English speaking students in developing English language skills at a level which will enable them to perform successfully in mainstream classes, graduate from high school, pursue further education, and function successfully in American culture.

Vision - The vision of the District 518 English Learner Department is to create an interdisciplinary program that helps students acquire essential skills for learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture.


  • Plan and deliver instruction on language proficiency and content standards developed from researched-based best practices.
  • Collaborate with and support general education teachers to ensure that the EL is acquiring the necessary academic language to meet grade level content standards.
  • Incorporate technology into instructional planning and delivery.
  • Assess student progress regularly and adjust instruction.
  • Inform student, teachers, and parents about student progress. Formally
    report student progress.