District 518 Substitute Information

Substitutes are an important part of the ISD 518 team!  We are in need of additional substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians and food service workers.  As with all positions in education, integrity and confidentiality are extremely important.  All substitutes in ISD 518 must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED. Anyone interested in applying to be a substitute in ISD 518 may apply using the information listed below.

Substitute Teachers are required to have a license from the Minnesota Department of Education.  Applications are completed online at http://education.state.mn.us.  Individuals with a 4-year degree may apply for a "Short-call Substitute" License.  There is a fee to obtain the license. 

Basic information is provided on this page, however, if you are hired to substitute, we encourage you to call a specific building, if you have more detailed questions.

District 518 offers a Substitute Orientation session twice a year, usually in August and January.  New substitute teachers and paraprofessionals are encouraged to attend this free training to gain a better understanding of how the local school system works.  

Application Process

1.  Complete the ISD 518 online application. Go to isd518.net website, click on District tab, then on employment tab.  Create and account and complete the application for a substitute position. Submission of this form, triggers an e-mail response.

2. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview. 

3.  If a position is offered, it is contingent upon passing a background check.  An e-mail with background check forms will be sent to individual who are offered a substitute position.  The background check form and payment ($15) can be completed online.  (Or you may go to ISD 518 Administration office to make the payment in person).  Background checks can take up to a few weeks to be processed.

3.  Complete payroll information. When the background check comes back, if it is okay, another e-mail will be sent to you requesting payroll information.  ISD 518 uses a direct deposit system.  Applicant must complete and submit the payroll packet in order to be paid. If the background check is not passed, you will receive e-mail notification that you are not eligible to substitute in ISD 518.

4.  After a background check is passed, you will be asked to go to the ISD 518 Administration office to finalize the process.  Bring two credible forms of ID along.  Driver's license, social security card, or work permit (green card) are the most common forms used. 

5.  Receive employee ID number and welcome letter.  When the application process is complete, a welcome letter will be e-mailed to you.  This letter will include information such as your employees ID number and a temporary pin number and information for how to log into the AESOP sub-finder system. 

6.  Begin working as a substitute in District 518 by accepting positions in the AESOP system (located under the staff tab on the website) or when you receive a telephone contact regarding an opening.


Key Contacts

In each school one of the secretaries will be the lead contact for substitutes.  Their names and extensions are listed below.  Each building also has a technology contact person, so their names and extensions are listed below as well.

Kelsey Hagen
Administrative Secretary
Prairie Elementary
Ext. 5002
Sheila Grimmius
Administrative Secretary
Middle School 376-4174
Ext. 4003
Sarah Martin
Administrative Secretary
High School 376-6121
Ext. 3001
Rhina Resendez
Administrative Secretary
Area Learning Center
Ext. 6121
Chris Greeley
Prairie Elementary
Ext. 5235
Amanda Williamson
Middle School
Ext. 4402
Lexi Larson
High School
Ext. 3955

Rates of Pay and Pay Dates

Substitute Teacher
All Buildings Except Prairie Elementary:
     More than 4 hours: $125/day
     Two to four hours: $70/day
     Less than 2 hours: $25/hour

Prairie Elementary School Only:
     More than 4 hours:  $135/day
     Two to four hours:  $70/day
     Less than 2 hours:  $27/hour

Substitute Paraprofessional
Hourly rate: $14.36

Substitute Custodian
Hourly rate $16.54
Summer rate is less per hour.

Substitute Secretary
Hourly rate: $16.89

Substitute Food Service Worker
Hourly rate: $12.94/hour

Dates of Pay: 15th and last day of the month.

Please note: Demand for substitute teachers and paraprofessionals is frequent.  Demand for other types of substitutes is inconsistent.

Finding and accepting a substitute opening

District 518 uses the AESOP system to find and fill most substitute positions.  A link to the AESOP system is located on the isd518.net website under the STAFF tab. 

Click on the following links to learn how to use the AESOP system and how to accept open substitute opportunities.

Directions for how to "pick up" substitute jobs

How to use AESOP system

Video: How to use AESOP absence management system

If you need assistance reading the links above, please send a detailed email to 4tech@isd518.net or contact one of the Admistrative Secretaries listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section is being updated.  Additional links will be posted soon.