Teacher Induction Program

Orientation - Professional Development - Mentorship


The vision of the District 518 Induction Program is to create a time and space where new teachers feel supported in developing the professional skills they need to make a positive impact on student achievement.


The mission of the District 518 Induction Program is to facilitate the growth of probationary teachers through partnerships which encourage reflective practice, build instructional repertoire, and maximize student performance.


  • To orientate new teachers on district/school system (policy, procedure, and educational philosophy).
  • To foster positive relationships and promote the wellbeing of new teachers.
  • To encourage collaboration among teachers in order to meet the diverse needs of learners.
  • To maximize student achievement through quality teaching practices.
  • To increase the retention of quality teachers.
  • To develop leadership skills in our experienced teachers.


New Teacher Orientation is held each August.  During the four-day orientation, participants engage in activities that familiarize them with the district, prepare them for the first week of the school, and connect them to systems of support and collegiality.


Each new teacher is matched with a trained mentor.  That mentor supports, guides, and coaches the new teacher throughout the year.  

Professional Development

New teachers meet each month either face-to-face or online to share, learn, and discuss relevant topics imbedded in best practice.

Contact Tessa Dierks with questions concerning New Teacher Induction.