Students Work Featured in Coloring Book Publication

A selection of students from the Learning Center will have their artwork featured in a coloring book publication that will be distributed locally for the winter season. On December 11th, the Worthington area based newspaper, The Globe, will contain a coloring book with pages designed by students from the Learning Center. Great work to all the students who are featured in this publication! 

The following students have contributed artwork that will be printed:

  • Brian Mejia 
  • Tyler Xayphanto 
  • Ronaldo Guardado 
  • Sylias Kamm 
  • Sugey Calderon Ramirez 
  • Kyra Peil 
  • Daniel Lopez Gonzalez 
  • Emilios Kelalie 
  • David Cortez 
  • Kenneth Vincente Morales 
  • Calvin Castillo 

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