Charles “Corky” Brace – At Large

College – St. Cloud – teaching degree

Corky was Sports Editor and columnist for Worthington Daily Globe 1956-1968

Corky was “stricken by polio in childhood, an illness which left him with a limp that precluded the possibility of an athletic career.  Undaunted, he was to spend the rest of his life challenging and encouraging others to practice the qualities of sportsmanship and athletic excellence which he could only preach.” (Daily Globe, 1969)

“..Corky’s work represented a lifetime devotion to teaching young men the highest examples which can be learned from athletics.  They were his boys” (Daily Globe, 1969)

Corky died December 20, 1968.  Following his death, the Corky Brace Sportsmanship Award is presented to 15 area individuals in respect for the 15 years he spent trying to bring athletics to its highest example through his writing. He was inducted into the Trojan Hall of Fame in 1994.

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