ISD 518 Student Service Team Statement

Statement from ISD 518 Student Service Team on recent Racial Incident:

This week, our community stood together in peace and solidarity to acknowledge the senseless death of George Floyd.  In our peaceful protest we were able to speak out against the racial injustices that continue to exist in our nation. Our hearts have been broken as we have witnessed the pain and suffering of so many black lives. As we fight for justice for all those that have been wrongfully killed by hatred, it is our duty to continue to have open and meaningful conversations about racism. So much work needs to be done! As a student services team for ISD 518 we are committed to meeting the needs of every student. Our mission is to create a safe space for students to be able to reflect, learn and create change in addressing the historic and systemic social inequalities and discrimination in this country.

Our vision for our school and community is to be a place where we have a sense of belonging and connectedness to one another without prejudices! That we treat each other with compassion, empathy, open minds and hearts! As a student services team we will continue to build bridges not walls, to be allies to our students and families and to be agents of change.

To our students in ISD 518 we care and your voice matters! If you are struggling with how to process and cope with the recent events please reach out for help! Your student services team wants to hear from you. We want to hear your pain and understand your experiences. To our parents who are looking for guidance in how to process and talk to your children about racism we are here for you too! You can reach your building’s student services team through Schoology or email.

In solidarity,

ISD 518 School Counselors, School Social Workers & School Psychologists

Prairie Elementary:

Laurie Knudson, Counselor –

Maggie Gerdes, Counselor –

Angie Meyer, Social Worker –


Carrie Adams, Counselor –

Carly Duffy, Counselor –

Melissa Burch, Social Worker – 

Dave Schieffer, Psychologist –

Learning Center:

Jami Wahl, Counselor –

Tammy Markus, Social Worker –


Lakeyta Swinea, Counselor –

Dan Schnelle, Counselor –

Lindsay Jenniges, Social Worker –

Abby Alfson, Psychologist –

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