School Board Recognition Week

School Board Recognition Week for 2021 is February 22 through 26. During this special week, districts ask community members to join them in recognizing the hard work and commitment put forward by school board members in their communities. The vital function this elected board of education plays in our district community cannot be overstated. Board members take on a level of responsibility for many things including student education achievement and goals, staffing decisions and facility maintenance.

“Strong communities are built upon a foundation of strong schools. For schools to thrive, it takes the devotion of men and women on school boards to ensure student needs are being met equitably and all are learning at a high level,” ISD 518 superintendent John Landgaard says. “Many hours of deliberating tough decisions and studying issues around education and regulation are a few of the commitments made by board members.”

Landgaard states the key work of school boards is to ensure a quality and equitable education for all students by:

  • Making student achievement the top priority;
  • Fostering a safe, well-ordered education system where students can learn and staff can educate;
  • Creating and implementing standards for what students will be expected to learn and be able to perform;
  • Confirming progress is being made towards district goals and that all students are equitably learning at expected levels;
  • Being accountable for their actions and decisions by continually tracking and reporting results to all stakeholders;
  • Working towards the need for continuous improvement by questioning, revising, and refining issues related to student achievement.

“Even though we make a special effort to show our appreciation for school board members in February, their contribution is a year-round commitment,” says Landgaard.

The members serving on the ISD 518 School Board are:

  • Lori Dudley, board chair
  • Joel Lorenz, board vice chair
  • Brad Shaffer, board treasurer
  • Steve Schnieder, board clerk
  • Mike Harberts, board member
  • Adam Blume, board member
  • Tom Prins, board member

The ISD 518 School Board will be holding a public meeting for district community members to discuss the Community Education Building Plan on March 8 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at West Learning Center. A presentation of the current plan will be made followed by opportunity for public input. All are welcome to attend. ISD 518 asks that all guest please respect social distancing and face masking guidelines.

The next regular school board meeting will be held on March 16 at 5:15 p.m. in the Worthington High School media center. All are welcome to attend. ISD 518 asks that all guest please respect social distancing and face masking guidelines.

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