Student Limerick Competition Winners

Mrs. Anderson’s English Learners classes wrote an award winning limerick! Students from several classes worked together to write the poem and submitted it to the 2021 Imagine Learning Spring Limerick Competition and won. Congratulations to all of the authors who created the beautiful limerick!

WMS Student Limerick

There once was a Spanish lass
Who had to go to English class.
Going there was such a pain
Just like summer storms with rain.

But one day a classmate helped her
It seemed her English got better.
Hopefully her grade would now brightly glow
Like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Those lucky leprechauns they don’t go to school
They just dance around and play… that’s cool!
I wonder if they can help me to know
Exactly how to find that Bow.

If I find it I will share
Because I hope that you will care
About learning your English too
It’s more previous than gold anyhoo!

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